I am a theoretical and computational physicist working at the interface between physics, engineering, and biology. In particular, I employ tools from theoretical physics to develop models that help answer questions in biology. These models are usually complex, and in most cases cannot be solved with pen and paper. To deal with this, I employ numerical methods such as molecular dynamics or finite elements.

In December (2022), I will start a group on Computational Modelling of Multicellular Systems at EMBL-Barcelona. Currently, I am a postdoc at IBEC in the group of Xavier Trepat, working together with experimentalists to unravel the mechanics of epithelial tissues. I am also a part-time, external lecturer at the technic university of Catalonia (UPC).

Previously, I worked in the groups of Guillaume Salbreux (Postdoc) at The Francis Crick Institute (London) Marino Arroyo (PhD and postdoc) at UPC (Barcelona), Fernando Falo and Jesús Gómez-Gardeñes (Master) at Unizar (Zaragoza).