Our talk on the mechanics of organoids: from organoid models to advance microscopy to cell segmentation to theoretical modelling!

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Sketch of the talk by Mathis O Riehle

In this talk we discuss a multidisciplinary project involving novel organoid models of mammary gland cancer, light sheet microscopy, automatic segmentation, and mathematical modelling. The project is a collaboration between the Behrens group (organoid models), the Dunsby group (light sheet microscopy), and the Salbreux group (segmentation and theoretical modelling).

This project has been a primary motivation for our development of a novel modelling and simulation framework for cell aggregates that resolves cell shape, actin flows, and cell-cell adhesions. The model is based on interacting active surfaces that are discretised using a finite element method. I discuss the details of this framework in 27:16.

We are currently preparing a manuscript with the details of this new framework.

See the link here for other talks in the workshop: https://www.physicsoflife.org.uk/physics-of-life-ecr-workshop.html